Fortnite fans are anticipating a new batch of skins for Halloween this year, though none have been officially introduced at this time. That hasn’t stopped dataminers from searching for evidence of what players can expect, and at least one of those efforts may have paid off. A well-known dataminer in the Fortnite community has published what appears to be Epic’s 2019 Halloween skins for its battle royale game.

Known Fortnite dataminer account HYPEX has published a list of what it claims are the codenames for a bunch of upcoming skins, the names of which indicate they’ll all be themed for Halloween:

– “Skull Trooper Neon – Male”
– “Gangster Monster – Male”
– “Ghoul Trooper – Male”
– “Cuddle Team Dark – Female”
– “The Dark One – Male”
– “Slurp Creature – Male”
– “Wraith – Female”
– “Pale spooky – Female”
– “Modern Witch – Female”

Assuming these are the names for Epic’s 2019 Halloween skins, it seems we can expect the return of its classic Skull Trooper outfit, one likely updated with a fresh design. Ghoul Trooper also appears set to make a return, this time in male form, and it’ll apparently be joined by some twists on familiar in-game skins and items, including the ‘Cuddle Team Dark’ female outfit and an intriguing ‘Slurp Creature.’

This is the latest leak concerning Epic’s hit battle royale game. Though the company has taken steps to reduce the number of leaks, we’ve seen some tantalizing information appear in recent days, including a list of new alleged Points of Interest with entirely new names.

That POI name list leak combined with a recently leaked loading screen has players anticipating a map refresh for Season 11 that will bring entirely new destinations to the game. The change, assuming it happens, would make the game feel fresh while offering players something substantial in exchange for the universally hated BRUTE suits.