3 Steps on Getting Your Own ‘Lt. Evergreen’ Christmas Skin in Fortnite For Free!  ( Screenshot from: Epic Games )

‘Tis the season to be jolly with Epic’s latest update on Fortnite that will not just renew your Christmas joyful spirit but also will let you meet Lt. Evergreen— or simply Sergeant Jonesy– and his cute Christmas tree skin that fits with his merciless face– ready to attack whatever, whenever, and wherever you are in the game. 

Fortnite Has a Hidden Present for You! 

Do you think that Christmas is over because the gifts were already unwrapped in your Christmas tree? Hold on first! There’s still something hidden in one of the biggest Christmas trees in the online video game, Fortnite, that you can open anytime– as long as you wait for it to happen. 

First seen as a video game glitch on Fortnite on Dec. 24, a lot of Fortnite players said that they were able to unlock ‘Lt Evergreen’ but came with huge issues after they’ve got the free skin. Fortnite management already explained the issue and said that they already fixed the said technical problems. Now, ‘Lt. Evergreen’ is now safe and free to be received by you as long as you follow these three simple steps. 

How to Get Your ‘Lt Evergreen’ Christmas Skin

Before you get to the steps on receiving your new Christmas skin in Fortnite, players of the game must first head to the Winterfest Cabin– on where the huge Christmas tree is located. Once you get to see it, do not be deceived by the game saying ‘just a tree’ and grabbed that skin for yourself. 

1. Go to the Lodge 

Once you’re inside the Lodge area of Winterfest Cabin, select the Christmas presents on the right, and that will lead you to the Christmas Tree– on which the game will only say ‘just a tree,’ though, we all know it is not. 

2. Interact with the Tree and Open It

Have you imagined whether how many Fortnite skins there might be whenever the game says that it is just an ordinary cabin or, in this case, ‘just a tree’? Well, you have now the ability to be able to receive your new Christmas skin as long as you interact with the tree and wait for it to tell you to open it, just like a Christmas tree present. And voila! ‘Lt Evergreen’ at your service. 

3. Enjoy your Christmas Skin!

This is not actually a third step towards having your own ‘Lt Evergreen’ Christmas skin since once you open the Christmas Tree, you now have the said skin. So, the last step would be just to enjoy Jonesy’s new Christmas look and let your battles be guided with the Christmas spirit. 

Other Christmas Presents to Watch Out in Fortnite! 

Aside from Lt. Evergreen for the holidays, players of Fortnite are also expected to receive another holiday-themed Fortnite skin for free on the next weeks or days– we never know. This skin is called the ‘Whooly Mammoth Skin’ that will be soon available, according to Fortnite Intel. 

More than that, fans of the game must also watch out for more freebies like two gliders, two wraps, two pickaxes, and an emote. 

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