Let’s get toxic with the 5 most toxic emotes in Fortnite.

There are hundreds – if not thousands – of emotes in Fortnite. They range from funny to corny to downright annoying. There are only a few emotes that will actually raise your blood pressure when you see them, however.

This list is dedicated to five of the most toxic emotes in Fortnite. Want to make people angry? Equip all of these on your front emote wheel.

5. Tomato

Throwing a tomato at another player is a surefire way to make your disrespect loud and clear. Unlike the other emotes on this list, throwing a tomato works best when your opponent can still fight back.

Want to get an enemy to see red (literally) and push you? Try throwing a tomato at them. It’s one of the more disrespectful things you can do before you actually knock an opponent.

4. Dance Moves

Only the OGs remember Dance Moves as the only emote in Fortnite. We’ve come a long way since then, and the ‘Default Dance’ has been buried in most players’ lockers as the only common emote in the game.

The Default Dance has been repurposed since its original release. Now, it’s more of a way to troll an opponent than anything. It’s not the most toxic emote in Fortnite, but it’s up there.


3. Clown emoticon

The Clown emoticon came into the game a while ago, but only gained popularity as a toxic emote within the past year. Emoticons are sneakily one of the best ways to disrespect an opponent because you can still use them while you’re in the downed state.

When you combine the Clown with one of the following two emotes, you’re sure to get an opponent’s blood boiling.

2. Take the L

Take the L is a classic, ‘meat and potatoes’ kind of toxic emote. It’s been a staple of irritating gameplay since Season 3, and never fell far from the top on a list of toxic emotes.

There’s only one better way to be toxic after killing an opponent than using ‘Take the L.’ I think we all know what’s coming next.

1. Laugh it Up

Laugh it Up truly has it all. It’s a sign of disrespect by design. You’re laughing at an opponent’s attempt to kill you.

Worse than that, though, is the sound that this emote makes. The ‘Donkey laugh,’ as it’s called, makes one of the most abrasive sounds these ears have ever heard. Laugh it Up is undoubtedly responsible for more than a few smashed monitors, keyboards, and controllers.