A host of AFL stars will be livestreaming in a charity Fortnite tournament scheduled for tomorrow night, 22 May.

The AFL Stream King featuring Fortnite tournament — try saying that three times fast — will see 40 AFL players and 40 Fornite players team up for a crack at a $100,000 AUD charity prize pool. Funds will be allocated accordingly to winners:

First place duo: $50,000 AUDSecond place duo: $30,000 AUDThird place duo: $15,000 AUDFourth place duo: $5,000 AUD

AFL players include Melbourne’s Jack Viney, Port Adelaide’s Connor Rozee, Collingwood’s Jaidyn Stephenson, Sydney’s Nick Blakey and Hawthorn’s James Sicily. Fortnite streamers taking part include Muselk, MrFreshAsian and x2Twins.

The charity tournament is to promote the newly christened AFL Gamers Network.

The AFL Stream King featuring Fortnite tournament will be livestreamed over YouTube between 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm tomorrow, 22 May.