Apple is fighting Epic Games in the US courts over Epic’s claim that Apple’s 30pc App Store payments cut is monopolistic. 

In a new filing from Apple’s countersuit that was published this morning, Apple is hitting back against Epic by claiming that the Fortnite maker embarked on a two-year campaign known as “Project Liberty” that was designed to portray Apple as a “bad guy.”

“Epic carefully prepared to launch a media campaign against Apple,” the document alleges, as Epic spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on PR companies to help it win the public over once Fortnite was removed from the App Store.

“The battle begins. It’s going to be fun,” an email from an Epic Games employee quoted in the document reads.

For Apple, this countersuit is about defending its position as a fair provider of apps. Epic Games, however, claims it’s abusing that position to bully developers into handing it cash.