March 07, 2020

Henchmen were added to protect the new mythical locations in Fortnite Season 2, but some people think they are a bit too good at their job.

When you have a vault filled with all the loot anyone could ever need, you’re going to need some security. And whilst the Fortnite Henchmen may not be the brightest bunch, they don’t mess around when it comes to shooting.

It’s not just lil Timmy45 falling victim to these AI controlled guards either, top pros and streamers have been finding themselves being incinerated by the lock on accuracy. The question is, does anything need to change, or do players just have to take the Henchmen’s skills more seriously?

Personally, I think they are okay. There is an element of risk versus reward when you choose to land at one of the new POIs, and nerfing the Henchmen would reduce that. If you want to walk away with a Mythic Drum Gun or unlimited use Grappler, you should at least have to fight for it.

Although it can feel unnecessary to focus up when you hear the unintelligible grumbles of a Henchman, it’s worth it to avoid taking damage that could have been easily avoided. You can jump in a red phone booth to disguise yourself as one of them and they will leave you alone. Or if you don’t have time for that, pay attention to the indicators above their heads. If they change from a question mark to and explanation point, they know about you and are likely to attack.

I’m convinced Epic Games took away legacy settings and gave it to henchmen.

— e-w-o-k (@Ewok) March 6, 2020

It’s worth noting that some changes were made to Henchmen in the v12.10 update that will only effect competitive players. Damage to these AI no longer count towards storm surge, and they will also no longer drop materials upon elimination.

So, whilst the instant lock on of the Henchmen is a bit crazy, it is important that they remain at least a slight threat to players in order to keep these new spots balanced. If it’s early game and you are low on materials, shield and ammo, just be careful and remember what they are capable of.