Illustration for article titled Bernie Sanders is on Twitch now, so the revolution will be built in FortnitePhoto: Sean Rayford (Getty Images)

Bernie Sanders has always had his finger on the pulse of young America, whether he’s podcasting, talking about Cardi B, or standing in the vicinity of someone in a fur-suit doing a Kamehameha to Jack Skellington, and now the 77-year-old senator from Vermont is looking to capitalize on his youthful energy for the upcoming primaries by becoming—apparently—the first presidential candidate with a channel on video game-centric streaming platform Twitch. That’s according to Game Informer, which says the Sanders campaign launched the channel today and has yet to actually stream any games of Fortnite or League Of Legends or whatever, but he has already amassed just over 2,000 followers without doing anything.

Game Informer points out that you don’t actually have to stream video games on Twitch, as long as you’re not doing anything illegal or copyright-infringing, so it’s really just another outlet for the Sanders campaign to share videos of speeches, interviews, or other events that Sanders is involved with. Still, it would be a waste to not stream any video games, so if Sanders is really smart he’ll make sure to hook the gamer crowd by showing off his 1337 gaming skills in between campaign events. What says “I deserve to run this country” more than pulling off a no-hit run in Sekiro, kicking ass in Call Of Duty, or being one of the first people in the world to finish the next Destiny raid?

Probably lots of things, actually, but Sanders is at least an established politician with a well-documented record. That’s more than can be said about a lot of other presidential candidates. Of course, the sort of people that would follow Sanders on Twitch are also the kind of people that would support him anyway, so this might not be a hugely important move, but hopefully it at least convinces the rest of the Democrats to start streaming. Elizabeth Warren would make some extremely thoughtful and well-considered Super Mario Maker 2 levels.