Fortnite has millions of players. That means the top players of this explosive Battle Royale shooter are undoubtedly exceptional. There’s no Fortnite tracker that tallies their every kill, but these unparalleled Fortnite personalities have not only made quite the number of kills, but also a quite the fortune and a name for themselves.

The One and Only Ninja

It’s impossible to begin this list without the most popular Fortnite in the world, and will most likely be throughout the game’s entire history. Of course, it’s no other than Tyler Blevins, better known as Ninja.

Despite having stellar Fortnite stats and being considered an important eSports personality, he’s not a member of any pro teams. Instead, he streams, which has attracted a huge viewership. This led to him getting a $70 million streaming exclusivity deal with Twitch.

Because of how big he’s become, he’s also made some appearances in more mainstream shows, like Ellen and the Jimmy Fallon Show–a feat not even eSports pros managed to achieve.

Turner “TFue” Tenney

Coming close to Ninja is Turner “TFue” Tenney. Unlike Ninja that has always been a lone wolf, TFue was a member of the eSports group FaZe Clan. The keyword here being “was”, as he quit the team after filing a lawsuit against the management, as they not only took a huge part of the prize money in the tournaments they participated in, but also pressured him to do dangerous things and drink despite being underage at the time.

Despite going on a solo streak, there’s no doubt that TFue will continue to be successful. After all, he has millions of YouTube and Twitch subscribers, has six-digit earnings, and managed to do 57 kills in one match, thus setting the Fortnite stats tracker record of most single-match kills on PC.

The Real TSM Myth

There’s no doubt that TeamSoloMid Myth is also a skilled shooter. But while Ninja and TFue are known for their talent in gunplay, TSM Myth is famous for being one of the best builders in the game, if not the best. That’s why it’s no surprise that he’s the captain of his eSports group.

He’s also one of the youngest players to ever go pro at that time he started. From his humble roots on YouTube, he then moved to Switch, and finally settled as the head of one of the most prominent teams in the business.

The Secretive FaZe Cloak

While the first three names aren’t the type to shy away from inquiries about their private lives (but not too private), Dennis “FaZe Cloak” Lepore is not too hot about that. Sure, you know his name, where he grew up, and where his HQ will be at the moment. The rest, however, are classified information on a need-to-know basis. He’s truly fitting of his team handle.

But who he dates and what he does outside of Fortnite are irrelevant. What matters is that he’s good at what he does, and has made a huge following, career, and earnings because of that. In fact, he’s FaZe’s captain. It’s no surprise, as he’s considered as an excellent shot caller.

Going TSM Daequan Loco

It takes talent and cleverness to come up with a new approach that later on becomes popular. Those two things are exactly what TSM Daequan Loco has, and that’s why he was able to come up with the “double pump shotgun” strategy.

One of the founding members of TSM, he’s also known for his aggressive playstyle, and more importantly, his friendliness and sense of humor. That’s why it’s no surprise why he’s one of the most-liked Fortnite personalities.

Without these Fortnite icons, the scene wouldn’t be what it is today. Thanks to their skill and charm, the eSports side of the game, like traditional sports, has its own legends that will go down in history.

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