Fortnite Fortnite “Love and War” event screengrab. | Epic Games

Earn 2,500 gold in Search and Destroy is a challenge tied to Fortnite’s new Love and War promotion.

Passion is in the air for Fortnite players with this brand new event from Epic Games. The first event of its kind, “Love and War” is now available for players who want a little more community involvement in their lives. This event takes place solely in Search and Destroy matches and offers unique challenges with lovely rewards. One of these tasks is a reward in and of itself—earn some money.

Are you looking for the best way to make that cash? Here’s how to earn 2,500 gold in a Search and Destroy match.

The quickest way to earn gold in Search and Destroy matches is to win. There are 11 rounds in an individual match and each round won gives 100 gold to the victors. If you can manage to win every round, you may just stand a chance to finish this challenge in as few as three matches.

Obviously, as Search and Destroy is a team-based mode, it stands that you will have the best chance of winning if you have good teammates. Grab five buddies you trust and you should be able to put this task down in no time at all.

The reward for this challenge is 15,000 experience points.

For those who are unaware, Search and Destroy is a community-made mode that mirrors popular games like Call of Duty. There are two six-person teams that take turns attacking and defending on a map.

The attacking team’s goal is to plant and detonate a bomb at a certain location while the defenders have to keep this from happening.

Some other straightforward Love and War challenges include the following.

The event will run from Feb. 5 to Feb. 17.