Japanese toymaker Good Smile Company makes big-headed anime figures out of everything from Blizzard hero shooters to scary clown movies. It was only a matter of time before they started in on Fortnite. Already big-headed, the bright pink cuddle team leader is a great place to start.

I don’t play Fortnite, but I love the character designs, especially Cuddle Team Leader. What’s not to love about a character who charges into battle wearing an oversized mascot head and fuzzy pink jammies? It’s like she was custom made for the Nendoroid toy treatment. The first figure in Good Smile Company’s Fortnite line, she’s perfect for the format.

With no accessories, she looks like a mildly-disturbing children’s show character. Add the now-iconic Rainbow Smash Pickaxe and she’s ready for her cameo on Care Bears.

She’s so sweet and fun-loving! Here she is floating through the sky with her magical umbrella.

And here she is dropping fools with her magical gun.

I love her so much. I’ve nearly pulled the trigger on some many different toy versions of Cuddle Team Leader, but this is the one. She’s up for preorder now, ready to drop into battle this July.