The piano in Fortnite’s Creative mode is home to pretty much anything that can come to your imagination, including recreating popular songs like Bad Guy by Billie Eilish.

While many players have been complaining about the direction of Season X, Creative players have just been sitting idly by collecting new objects to use on their maps.

Players have shown their talents on the pianos before but it’s still impressive to see how easy they make it look.

Reddit user UMadBroYolobf uploaded a video showcasing his skills on the piano and even if you’re not a fan of the song, it’ll be pretty hard to not come away surprised with how good this sounds.

Somehow, the piano skills aren’t even the most impressive part of all this but the editing might actually take the cake here. Seeing the use of the campfire, snap, and gun all add to the experience.

Even better, we see the four different videos all playing at the same time as each other, really making it look like this took a lot of work to edit.

UMadBroYoloBf has become known over the past several months for their piano creations and bringing songs like Old Town Road, Despacito, and many more to life.

For as much flak the battle royale mode of Fortnite is currently getting with Season 10, it’s impressive to see how much content comes out of the Creative mode.

Fortnite Season X Live EventFortnite Season X has added a lot of new Creative features.

We can’t forget that Fortnite’s ever-changing location, The Block, is materialized because of players in Creative mode so its importance is felt in many ways.

Creative mode gives players a good way to experience Fortnite even if they aren’t all that great at it.

Those players even have a chance to make some money, as we saw we the Fortnite Creative World Cup. Who knows, Epic might hold another event like that in the future so don’t worry about spending hours upon hours making maps.