The Fortnite World Cup is falling behind as Season X moves along, but Bugha is now a permanent Fortnite star.

That’s what winning $3 million in the biggest Fortnite competition to date will get you, I suppose. While the World Cup definitely had luck and RNG playing a factor, Bugha really is an absolutely insane Fortnite player.

On his stream yesterday he absolutely went off in arena and some of his clips show why he is one of the best players in the world.

The main skill of editing isn’t actually speed or precision, but prediction. Anyone can edit really fast with just 30 minutes of real practice on the mechanics. What makes the best players so good is their ability to stay three steps ahead of their opponents.

Check out how often Bugha is shooting at the back of an opponent. That is probably a champion-level Arena player he is going against and they have absolutely no way to keep up with his edits.

He will have them drop in, trap them underneath a stair and be on the other side of the box before they even realize what happened.

With many Fortnite pros and streamers contemplating boycotting Season X until the mechs are removed from the game, it is nice to just see a high quality Fortnite highlight from a great player.

Still, this clip does show why the mechs pose such a problem. The mind games of editing and landing shots when they count is what makes Fortnite such a fun and rewarding game to play, jumping on top of a box with a giant mech feels just a bit less rewarding.