Fortnite battle royale is perhaps the most popular game in the world right now. Recently a new update v12.50 rolled out to fix all the issues people have complained about. While this update took care of most cases, something remained unanswered. Stream-sniping is one of the significant problems in the game. However, since it is not a technical problem, there is not much that Epic Games can do here. 

Stream-sniping, most often than not, is done to the pro players who push while streaming. While this is entirely unethical, it is also a way of meeting your favorite pro’s in-game. Remember when Wadu met Shroud on PUBG? The innocent part of it comes from a fanboy’s perspective. 

However, the evil part kicks in when stream-sniping gets used for a player’s advantage. The other unfair means is teaming up (in solos). That is blatant cheating and there is very little Epic can do about it. Clix faced both these issues and is now on the verge of quitting the game. 

Clix Stream-Sniped And Teamed Up Against In Fortnite

Since stream-sniping is not entirely under the control of the developers or the players, there are very few who can take responsibility. SypherPK and Ninja did try a method, to talk to these guys rationally. While that works with mature players who understand that it is wrong to do so, it has minimal impact on actual cheaters. Cheaters enjoy stream-sniping; this way, they can post videos about killing their favorite pros. 

Clix was on stream while he was stream-sniped, and he lost his cool. “I just can’t place the tournament if I am streaming,” said Clix. This is a legit issue since these things affect the entire leaderboard. Bugha advised him to take to Twitter with a post, but that isn’t going to change much either.

“I feel like a 30 day Ban is fair.”

Clix feels that kids who do these things deserve to get banned for 30 days, at least. He also mentioned that he doesn’t want them to get permanently banned. Mostly these are young kids out to try their luck. With a piece of video evidence to show off in front of their friends. 

However, when it comes to teaming up, this is something Fortnite can do something about. The question we left for us to wonder with, if permanent bans roll out , will that end stream-sniping and teaming up? Is this the proper way for a permanent solution?