Currently the IGL for Endemic Esports, Wolfgang “Wo1f” Braun answers a few questions regarding his PUBG origins and the competitive PUBG scene.

Throughout competitive PUBG, a portion of any team’s success is credited to their in-game leader (IGL). This role is typically the team’s most experienced player, trusted with making tough decisions during chaotic situations.

In an attempt to improve on a solid Phase 1 performance, Endemic believed some adjustments were necessary before Phase 2. They found two new additions in fragger Noah “Relo” Andrew Jenkins and coach Cole “Gnomey” Garton. After three weeks of the phase, Endemic has improved each weekend steadily. At the moment, the team is sitting in fourth place entering the back-half of Phase 2.

For Endemic Esports, that player is Wolfgang “Wo1f” Braun. He was kind enough to let me ask him about his PUBG origins and his thoughts on a couple of hot button topics.

(Editor’s note: These interview questions were poised a month before NPL Phase 2)

App Trigger: When did you begin playing PUBG?

Wo1f: I began playing PUBG at the beginning of early access but didn’t start competing until FPP came out.

AT: What was your introduction to competitive PUBG?

WB: A good friend of mine, @CAlan_gg, convinced me to come to play for a team called #Mylta in EU. Won my first comp game playing with them and have been in love ever since.

AT: Where do you see competitive PUBG in five years?

WB: I’m not really sure, but I would like to see PUBG be the battle royale game that people watch, even if they don’t play.

AT: At the moment, what is competitive PUBG’s biggest obstacle?

WB: Competitive PUBG needs to be better advertised. There needs to be some embedding for the esports side of PUBG in the main menu of the game.

AT: What is one thing you would change about competitive matches?

WB: Grenades need to be reduced or changed.

AT: Do you believe PUBG Corp. has given the competitive scene proper attention?

WB: No, they need to advertise the competitive scene much better. We also need an amateur league for up and coming players/teams.

AT: In your opinion, who is the most underrated team in NPL Phase Two currently?

WB: The Rumblers, for sure.

AT: What is the biggest misconception, from fans/media, about playing PUBG at the highest level?

WB: It’s not just RNG.

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You can catch Wo1f and the rest of Endemic Esports when Phase 2 of NPL returns on Saturday, June 1 at 2 p.m. PDT.