Popular Fortnite streamer Brett ‘dakotaz’ Hoffman stumbled across a bizarre building glitch which left a player floating in mid-air.

Since the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2, a number of glitches have surfaced relating to falling (more specifically, fall damage).

While NICKMERCS previously managed to avoid fall damage entirely, one savvy player delayed their inevitable fate of falling to the ground by exploiting a glitch which appeared to render them ‘levitating’ in mid-air.

There have been multiple issues with falling in Fortnite Chapter 2. Credit: Epic Games.

While running riot in solos, Hoffman found himself second-guessing what he was witnessing, as he watched a player repeatedly edit in quick succession, to avoid taking the plunge. 

After shooting his opponent’s structure, dakotaz expected the player to plummet towards the ground — leaving them exposed for easy elimination. 

Yet, his opponent had other ideas and performed a flurry of quick edits which left their build floating with no connections — creating their very own floating island!

After pausing for a moment, Hoffman repeatedly questioned: “What am I watching?!” before making his way over to the levitating structure to get a closer look.

Unbeknown to the streamer, this is an exploit that experienced builders can utilize to avoid taking damage from oncoming enemy projectiles. 

Fortnite player Raider464 aptly demonstrated this technique — which was lapped up by the Fortnite community (having received an abundance of shares on social media). 

This is yet another snag for Epic Games to add to their ever-growing list of in-game bugs which are plaguing player’s multiplayer experience. 

Have you managed to run into a glitch similar to this? If so, let us know how you tackled the situation below!