Numerous points of interest have been leaked in Fortnite and with there being so many, fans are wondering if this means an entirely new map is on the way.

Fortnite Season X has been bringing back old locations that have left the game ages ago.

It started off with the return of Dusty Depot which was destroyed when the meteor struck the map and turned it into Dusty Divot. Season 10 reset the map to right before the meteor strike, at least in that location.

Dusty Depot is back.

Since that, there have been a bunch of rift beacons that appeared all over the map that changed current locations into different ones such as Neo Tilted in Tilted Town.

Older locations have made a return as well such as Greasy Grove, even if has a strange Taco Time mechanic and a taco restaurant instead of the famous Durr Burger.

Coming into the home stretch of Season 10, we’re looking at a whopping 12 leaked POIs according to well-known leaker HYPEX.

What confuses me is these Leaked POIs names..
is the whole map gonna change in this event ? or are they for season 11 ???

Beachy Bluffs
Camp Cod
Dirty Docks
Frenzy Farm
Holly Hedges
Lazy Lake
Mountain Meadow
Power Plant
Slurpy Swamp
Sunny Shores
Weeping Woods
Mountain Meadows

— HYPEX – Fortnite Leaks & News (@HYPEX) September 11, 2019

This either means the live event at the end of the season will cause a massive shift in the world or we’re looking at a brand new map completely.

The Fortnite map has been receiving updates ever since the release of the battle royale mode in 2017 but even with constantly shifting locations, it has started to grow stale.

Season 11 would represent a fresh opportunity to debut a completely new map, but there’s no telling how the overall playerbase would react to such a major change like that.

Tilted Town replaced Neo Tilted which replaced Tilted Towers.

Taking out one popular location at a time is one thing, but completely overhauling the map all at once might not go over that well.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll find out closer to the end of Season 10 when we see the culmination of everything Epic Games has been building towards.

What do you think all of this leaked locations mean? Let us know your theories in the comments below!