While the choreography in the video “Toosie Slide” Drake ” proved a massive hit yet, Fortnite would like to integrate it as an emote in the game !

To entertain their players, Fortnite could well make available the title “Toosie Slide” Drake in her shop ! MCE gives you all the details.

Unless you live in a cave, it is impossible to have never heard “Toosie Slide” of Drake. Yes, it is one of the tubes the most trends of the moment !

And we must believe that Fortnite wants absolutely ride the wave ! Indeed, the development studio of video games Epic Games is working more and more with artists or creators of content.

Moreover, a rumor since a few days. It may well want to work alongside Loserfruit, a gameuse very famous. Then, it may be part of the series Icons !

But also with Drake ! Of course, it would be for integrating its recognizable choreography in her video clip “Toosie Slide” as émote. It would not hurt, right ?

Drake soon in Fortnite with its powerful Toosie Slide 640

Drake remains mysterious

For the moment, it is only a rumor. Yes, neither of LoserFruit, or Drake, or even Epic Games have confirmed these collaborations.

However, some internet users are convinced ! On the Canvas, the latter believe that LoserFruit shall have the right at his own skin in Fortnite.

After all, the young woman is an influential person in this community-there. It represents all the creators content ! But it doesn’t stop there ! The pretty brunette could also have her emote.

And of course, a accessory back. After the players, Fortnite may well bring the package to make them happy. As for Drake, he would not have the right to an emote. It is always better than nothing…

In any case, some sources claim the release date of various cosmetics shop Fortnite. And we must believe that the players will not have too wait !

In fact, the emote “Toosie Slide” may well be available this Saturday, may 30. However, it will have to wait for June 3 to get the cosmetic Loserfruit.