Epic Games falsely warned Fortnite players that they would be getting banned for “teaming” in solos. Now, they are compensating these players with free V-Bucks.

Epic introduced a spectator feature in Fortnite Chapter 2. This was a much-requested change from the community, who were tired of waiting in the lobby for their friends to finish a game.

The new mechanic is far from bug-free, however. It doesn’t work all of the time and has recently led to players receiving a false ban warning for spectating their friends in solo mode.

Apparently, the Fortnite server saw this spectator feature as a sign of “teaming,” and was warning players that repeat offenses would result in a ban. Of course, these players weren’t doing anything wrong, so they were surprised to see that they may face a ban for using the in-game feature.

Posts like this one scattered the FortniteBR and FortniteCompetitive subreddits, with other players echoing the concern over the safety of their accounts. Thankfully, Epic seems to have reversed course.

It’s unclear if this bug is still happening, but players are now reporting a reward of 1,000 V-Bucks for encountering the false ban warning.

It’s things like this that make you want to experience a problem with Fortnite.

Remember when they released the dog back bling that was a complete recreation of an existing Battle Pass cosmetic? They gave everyone who purchased the item a free refund token.

Say what you will about their lack of communication with recent patches, but Epic knows how to compensate the community when something goes wrong. Next time Fortnite is experiencing a bug like this, do your best to get in on the action. It will be worth it in the long-run.