It can be recalled that EA’s Madden NFL 21 had a monumental change of name back in July. The Washington-based National Football League team revealed that it had agreed to change its name to one that was not deemed racial. Eventually, they decided on the comparatively safe ‘Washington Football Team’. Since then, this real-life transition has spawned a few implications in the gaming community.

Besides the Madden NFL 21, the Epic Games seems like going to take a similar approach in Fortnite. In effect, the skins of the Fortnite NFL were redesigned. 

Fortnite Intel said that the offensive name and branding of the Fortnite NFL skins that were previously made available in 2018 have been removed. The eight skins of Rush, Juke, Interceptor, Blitz, Solid Guard, Spike,  End Zone, Gridiron, however retained the colors of the Washington Football Team.

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NFL Fortnite Skins Refund

In line with the move, PC Invasion reports that Epic Games now allows players to refund their skins for a short span of time.  You can only refund before November 13 deadline.The best part of it all is that they can do such without using a refund token. As you enter into the game, you will see an in-game alert reminding you of the recent change.

With players only having three refund tokens, the initiative would make it easier for players to make a decision. Tokens are usually used to demand refunds on any qualifying goods within 30 days of purchase without any question being asked.

How to Get a Refund without a token

To get a refund, just go to the Settings tab of your profile. 

Pick Lifetime Return Requests which will allow you to view the Fortnite NFL skins as an alternative. If this alternative is not open, it may be due to the fact that you have already used all of your refund tokens. This may require you  to play a game or join and exit Creative mode to get it shown. 

The refund would net 1500 V-Bucks, which you can then use to buy other items. 

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