Some Fortnite users were using fraudulent methods to obtain V-Bucks and selling them to other players. Epic is removing these V-Bucks and any items you purchased with them.

You may have seen some people advertising V-Buck services on Twitter. Suddenly, one of the people you follow was giving a shout-out to a third-part V-Buck store that gave them tens of thousands of V-Bucks.

You may have looked at these tweets and thought that they seemed too good to be true. How could someone sell V-Bucks by the truckload for less than they’re worth? Aren’t they getting the same prices as we are?

As it turns out, many of these services weren’t legitimate. Epic has been removing V-Bucks associated with some of these scams, as well as any purchases users have made with them. Some players – most likely the perpetrators – are having their accounts banned.

If you’re someone who bought V-Bucks from a third-party seller, you could be in danger of losing them. That’s not to say that all of these sellers obtained illegal V-Bucks, but some of them did.

According to community reports, some V-Buck retailers were buying V-Bucks with stolen accounts and selling them online. Others were buying V-Bucks, refunding the purchase, and keeping the Fortnite currency. Epic is systematically removing the V-Bucks obtained through these methods.

Fortnite news and content were slow at the beginning of the month. All of a sudden, several Fortnite data miners, pro players, and streamers began promoting these services. This came to my attention when data miner @Hypex was particularly aggressive in his marketing campaign – giving shout-outs to four different sellers in five tweets.

There is nothing to suggest that these sellers are involved in any illegal activity. Their V-Buck services have not been directly implicated in anything. For all we know, all of this was above-board and buyers have kept all of their V-Bucks. Many of these retailers seem to sell exclusive skins rather than V-Bucks, anyway.

Still, it was strange to see so much heavy-handed promotion going on across several people in the community. It seems like these V-Buck deals sprouted out of nothing.

I spoke with ShiinaBR at the time – another popular data miner – who assured me that his seller was 100% legitimate. He speculated that these services were using a Samsung promotion that allowed them to obtain cheaper – or even free – V-Bucks.

The moral of the story is this: don’t trust third-party V-Buck sellers. Yes, they may be legitimate and come by their V-Bucks honestly. There’s a chance that they aren’t though, and you could risk losing your money or even your account if you buy from them.

This warning does not apply as heavily to exclusive skins. They might be expensive, risky, and a waste of money as well; but they don’t appear to be obtained through illegal practices the same way V-Bucks have been.

Did you get burned by illegitimate V-Buck sellers? We’d love to hear your story. Send an email to [email protected] or DM @JimmyDangus on Twitter.