Some Fortnite players have experienced a peculiar Supply Drop bug that leaves them without any loot. Epic has responded to these complaints.

Fortnite is far from a bug-free game, but Epic is clearly dedicated to improving the player experience on all fronts. In Chapter 2, Epic made a decision to hold off on adding new items and focus on optimizing their game, instead.

When new bugs rear their ugly heads, Epic has been on top of them – so long as they aren’t isolated to console, but that’s a separate issue.

Recently, Fortnite player u/RosesAndFireworks posted a clip to Reddit from one of their Team Rumble matches. The player shot down a Supply Drop, only to be surprised when they didn’t receive any of the loot they expected.

Some of the players who commented on the post shared a similar experience. One player claimed to have found the source of the issue: that the loot fell under the map. They said that they were able to retrieve the lost items with a fishing rod.

Epic employee EmptyTux responded to the player who only received a trap from the supply drop, saying, “Better than nothing I guess lol. Thanks for the video, we’ll take a look at these stingy Supply Drops.”

As of this writing, the Fortnite team has yet to address this issue on the Community Issues Trello Board, which has served as the home of the unofficial Fortnite patch notes for Chapter 2 thus far.

Have you run into one of these ghost Supply Drops in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments.