Epic Games has disabled ziplines in Fortnite to work on fixing a movement glitch. The “Use a Zipline in different matches” Challenge in the game will be completed automatically as the ziplines are removed. Fortnite streamers like Cloakzy have shown how the glitch works.

In his video, Cloakzy can be seen looking down at a zipline while he was using his umbrella and he managed to teleport directly to the zipline. The streamer also exploits the glitch while he is on the ground. He looks up to the sky and when his reticle lands on the zipline, he transports directly to the zipline.

Due to an issue, Ziplines have been temporarily disabled. We plan to re-enable them in our next update.

Please note that the “Use a Zipline in different matches” Challenge will be auto-completed shortly.

Trello card here: https://t.co/7XK4IMoUAD pic.twitter.com/FM52Nf4Y8R

— Fortnite Status (@FortniteStatus) January 20, 2020

Epic has mentioned that ziplines will be enabled in the next update. However, it hasn’t announced the release date for next update. Epic may also be planning to add Search and Destroy LTM to Fortnite. Dataminers have uncovered files for Search and Destroy Creative LTM along with in-game challenges and new skins.