[EVENT] Chicken Medal Festival

Check out the events for April!

The Chicken Medal Festival continues. 

Clear all the missions and receive a crazy amount of Chicken Medals!


Play event awaits you in-game. Clear the mission each week to receive reward.

[MISSION 1] Play Erangel in SQUAD 7 times

During APR 5th 06:00 UTC ~ APR 11th 06:00 UTC 
Reward: Chicken Medal 70EA

[MISSION 2] Play Miramar 7 times

During APR 12th 06:00 UTC ~ APR 18th 06:00 UTC 
Reward: Chicken Medal 70EA

[MISSION 3] Play Sanhok in DUO 7 times

During APR 19th 06:00 UTC ~ APR 25th 06:00 UTC 
Reward: Chicken Medal 70EA

[MISSION 4] Play any map 5 times

During APR 26th 06:00 UTC ~ APR 30th 06:00 UTC 
Reward: Chicken Medal 50EA


APR 5th, 2020 06:00 UTC ~ APR 30th, 2020 06:00 UTC


Total reward you can receive is Chicken Medal 260 EA.
Rewards will be collectible upon mission completion. 
Event window will pop up when you log in game during the event duration. If you are already in game lobby when the event begins, please [Restart Lobby] through [System Menu] to see the event.

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