During Week 9, players can work toward completing their Battle Pass by grabbing XP Coins around the map. There are 11 total to collect.

With jut one more week left of official gameplay for Fortnite Season 4, there aren’t very many opportunities left to collect extra XP and reach the final level of the Battle Pass. Players wanting to unlock every skin style variant and cosmetic for this season’s Battle Pass skins will need to reach level 22o. The Weekly Challenges and Fortnitemares event both offer extra XP in addition to what players earn just by competing in matches. And, like always, players can find ten new XP Coins at various named and unnamed locations around the map for an extra, free boost to their Battle Pass. This week, there is an extra Gold XP Coin players can grab.

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This week, players can expect to find two Gold XP Coins, worth 15,000 XP each, two Purple XP Coins, worth 10,300 XP each, three Blue XP Coins, worth 6,500 XP each, and four Green XP Coins, worth 5,000 XP each. Purple XP Coins will break into smaller fragments when touched, and fragments will disappear if the player does not collect them quickly, so it is a good idea for players to build themselves into a structure around the Coin before touching it to collect all the pieces. Blue XP Coins have a timer on them in each match and are usually located inside decorative items around the map that players will need to break with a harvesting tool. Green XP Coins are the most common each week, so they are worth the least. Here’s where to find every Week 9 XP Coin in Fortnite Season 4.

Every Week 9 XP Coin Location in Fortnite Season 4

Map locations for all Season 4 Week 9 XP Coins

The map above, created by popular Fortnite dataminer TheBriteFuture, shows the location of all Week 9 XP Coins. Players can expect to find all of them around the northeast portion of the map. A detailed description of how to find each appears below:

Gold XP Coins

Purple XP Coins

At D1, north of Doom’s Domain, near the destroyed cars.Between G6 and G7, north of Catty Corner in the gorge between two mountains.

A player finds a Green XP Coin in a crumbling structure at Coral Castle in Fortnite Season 4

Blue XP Coins

At F8, southeast of Misty Meadows in the mountain camp, accessed by smashing the computer.On the west side of Retail Row at G6, inside the doghouse of the yellow residence.At F1, northeast of Craggy Cliffs, inside a crate beside the yellow tugboat.advertising‘);
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