The v10.10 Content Update brought with it the ‘Glitched Consumables’ which allow players to use a variety of items from past seasons.

Season X of Fortnite is all about the mixture of the present, the past, and the future. The v10.10 Content Update continues to follow this theme as players are greeted with new map changes like the Soccer Stadium.

In addition to the big obvious changes like the Junk Rift, Epic has also added the ‘Glitched Consumables.‘ While they might sound a bit intricate or worrisome at first, we can assure you that their quite a simple (but welcome) arrival.

What are Glitched Consumables in Season X?

Is it an Apple or a Mushroom…or a Hop Rock?

Glitched Consumables essentially collapse the ground-based health & shields like Apples into a single item spawn. As Season X follows a story where timelines are colliding, previous seasons’ collectibles are dropping into the current map.

Many of the consumable items like Coconuts and Apples are still available elsewhere, but the Glitched consumable also bring back old favorites. Hop Rocks, Peppers, and Shadow Stones have returned from the Vault to wreck havoc upon the world again!

Here’s a full list of the possible Glitched Consumable you can find:

Apples – 5 HealthMushrooms – 5 ShieldCoconuts – 5 Health or ShieldPeppers – Increase player movement speedHop Rocks – Decrease the effects of gravity on the playerShadow Stones – Turn into a shadowy figure for a short time with increase movement speed and dashes

Interestingly, these Glitched Consumable can only be found at the cratered indoor Soccer complex, west of Tilted Town.

Additionally, these items switch randomly between all the possible choices above. You’ll have to be quick in grabbing that Mushroom or it might turn into an Apple!

Shadow Stones disabled by Epic Games

If you were looking to use the Shadow Stones, we’ve got some bad news. Epic Games has disabled the Shadow Stones until further notice due to a…glitch.

Shortly after the v10.10 Content Update went live, Epic tweeted out that they needed to disable the item.

Due to an issue, we’ve disabled Shadow Stones from the Glitched Consumable area. All other Glitched Consumables are still available.

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) August 20, 2019

All other Glitched Consumable can still be found in-game.

We’ll be sure to update you once Epic Games has figured out the issue and Shadow Stones have been restored.

What do you think of the Glitched Consumables? We believe their a cool way to bring old mechanics back in a limited way. Hop Rocks were notoriously bothersome due to their abundance, but in smaller numbers they may prove to be good fun for all.