Battle royale game PUBG Mobile is the direct result of the success of its PC version PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Both gamers and developers of the game at Tencent Games have been on a journey since the beginning. The game has developed a lot over the past year and is quite different now. Even though it hasn’t been too long people can always reminisce. The game has got multiple updates, some of which were significant ones. These were important both with respect to design and the concepts of the storyline.

When Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene wanted to create a stand-alone battle Royale game, he had three objectives. First being the airdrop, where the player maneuvers oneself to land in advantageous locations. The second is the loot, where players find weapons and other useful tools. Finally, the third is the actual battle between the players to survive till the end.

Evolution of PUBG Mobile with time

Simplicity in design and storyline

Sticking true to the battle royale concept, the earliest version of the game was quite simple in every sense. The one and only map at the beginning was Erangel. And each player started off with 99 other players, with a time span of 30 minutes. It gets simpler than that though, as there were no looting crates and everyone’s weapons looked the same. The game initially had several glitches.

The first version was far from finished

Any gamer who has played the original PUBG Mobile game will vouch for the fact that it was far too basic, except for the excitement factor. With Erangel being the only map available, gamers did not have much room to learn new skills. They simply knew that survival was the only objective of the game. This left the gamers a bit on the edge, owing to a kind of overall slow pace due to limited mobility options, yet at times the pace drastically quickened due to the limited geography. Adding to this point, the lack of other modes in the early version left the players wanting more from the game. The addition of more maps gave players a chance to stretch their muscles and develop personalized gameplay.

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The good and bad of Scopes

Many times, gamers would be oblivious to minor design changes. However, there is one change that made an impact on the early players, and that was the removal of the 8x scope. Back in the days, assault rifles could equip the 8x scope which was quite the advantage. Imagine that scope on an M16 and believe that it was an actual feature in the game. Another aspect that wasn’t there in the earlier version, when compared to the later versions, is the 6x and 3x scopes on lot of the lighter weapons. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing per se, but the existence of these in the game presently is a sure advantage.

Limitations in mobility and windows that don’t break

New players would not believe that back in the days, your character could not perform vaults. This meant when confronted with barriers the players had no choice but to go around. This made the game’s pace a lot slower and some may have found it a bit on the boring side as well. This feature, or lack thereof, when clubbed with the fact that there used to be unbreakable windows was a bummer when it came to fast action. However, there was a feature to compensate it, but it was more of a glitch. This was the crouch and jump. Which when performed right, allowed players to jump out the windows or perform other minor jumps.

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The earliest version of PUBG Mobile was not in English

Though for a short time, between February and March, PUBG Mobile came only in Mandarin. The global English version was launched almost a month late. Now though this short time may seem like a negligible fact, what makes this significant is that there were 75 million pre-registrations when the game was announced to launch. This meant many global gamers, played the game when they may have not even understood the game.