Fortnite pros and streamers have been an incredibly problematic group since the game blew up two years ago.

From issues for E11 surrounding their player BloodX to Ghost Gaming’s Zarby getting his YouTube Channel deleted, orgs have struggled to keep their players out of trouble and under control.

While these incidents have thankfully been isolated for most orgs to a single instance, famed team FaZe Clan appears to stumble from one problem to the next with their Fortnite division. Let’s look at the FaZe Clan Fortnite issues.

From Jarvis getting banned for aimbotting to the whole debacle with Tfue, the FaZe Clan Fortnite issues have had nothing but bad PR regarding the squad.

The Jarvis ban saw the entirety of FaZe come out in support of their permanently banned content creator.

The rest of the gaming community universally condemned him for what was widely considered an idiotic decision, especially for the FaZe staff members who helped him make the video.

The Tfue case was the center of media attention all summer as the streamer took on FaZe in the US legal system, claiming his contract was unfair and illegal, thus allowing him to leave and find a new org without consequence.

FaZe counter-sued him in August. The case has been caught up in the US legal system with a ruling expected in the coming months.

H1ghSky1 Underage, Sway Teaming

While that began to smolder out in the public discord, a revelation brought to light by it began to take off after Tfue revealed that FaZe H1ghSky1, another member of the team’s Fortnite squad was only 12 years old.

The revelation got H1ghSky banned from streaming on Twitch and entering Epic-sponsored tournaments, leading to the young player releasing and incredibly cringy diss-track on YouTube aimed at Tfue.

The debacle was followed by FaZe Sway getting caught teaming in a Fortnite Cash Cup, helping his friend Wistle kill another player named Sour in a solos match before running off and leaving Wistle alive.

The controversy sparked debate in the community as to whether or not the move was fair given the low stakes of the tournament, with some arguing the situation was fine while others claimed it went against the spirit of the game.

Lastly, we got accusations just the other day FaZe Mongraal was using his coach to stream snipe his opponents in an FNCS match this past weekend, adding another pile of dirty laundry into the already rancid pile the team has been building up.

A Bad Reputation to a Good One

Six problematic players in six months is not a good look for a well-known org like FaZe Clan. It casts a poor light upon their brand and what they stand for.

While 2019 is almost over, hopefully, 2020 will see FaZe work on their public image and tone down the bad boy look they’ve been going with.

Given how the org has operated, however, such a move seems unlikely, though we can always hope.