Europe’s prized Fortnite pro, Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson, made an announcement on Twitter that he has joined up with David ‘Aquaa’ Wang who made up half of the previous Fortnite World Cup Duo headed into Fortnite Season 11.

After the Fortnite Champion Series for Season X came to a close, the cast announced that Fortnite Season 11 will be focusing on four-man squad competition.

The Fortnite community has not seen four-man squad competitive play since the game’s launch in 2017 since the game’s servers have a difficult time compensating for thousands of player builds. Since then, Epic Games have implemented several updates to their servers to help lower lag and in-game glitching to lower issues with squad play.

Since the announcement of the Fortnite Champion Series going to a squad format on September 22, a number of Trios started to find a fourth or broke up their entire time to find a new squad.

Early on September 23, FaZe Mongraal made the announcement that he had separated from Dmitri ‘Mitr0’ Van de Vrie to join NRG Benjyfishy, E11 Stompy, and Aquaa.

.@Mongraal x @benjyfishy x @stompybtw x @aquaa

— mongraal (@Mongraal) September 23, 2019

The entire community assumed that a fallout happened between Mongraal and Mitr0, but the European star assured fans that the separation was mutual.

There is no bad blood, no hate between anyone at all. We all felt this was right for us and trust me, I wouldn’t leave mitr0 in a bad position – he will have a god squad.

— mongraal (@Mongraal) September 23, 2019

This squad is certainly intimidating as each member placed within the top 25 of all players in the Fortnite Champion Series for Season X.

Will this new four-man squad be able to take home the Victory Royale for Season 11’s Fortnite Champion Series?