We all know NBA players are well-paid for their services. This news from a retired NBA big man drives that point home.

Former NBA big man Kendrick Perkins, who won a title with the Boston Celtics, didn’t seem too phased by his children spending $16,000 on “Fortnite” amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“I hate video games,” said Perkins on ESPN. “My kids drive me crazy with it. I do not indulge — they drive me crazy. My household is nothing but ‘Fortnite,’ ‘NBA 2K.’ It just drives me crazy.

“Quick story: I get my credit card bill back, I got to the store, my credit card is declined. Come to find out, my kids spent $16,000 worth of ‘Fortnite’ bills on my credit card. Ever since then I’m cool on ‘Fortnite,’ I do not indulge in video games.”