Thanks to Epic Games’ Fortnite, fans of the Battle Royale genre have a game that combines action-packed fights with the thrill of base-building mechanics. As a result, Fortnite separates itself from most Battle Royale games with its unique aesthetic and delightful creative charm. Moreover, Fortnite also allows its players to don quite a wide variety of fun cosmetics – this time including superhero costumes. In turn, fans who want to become the Caped Crusader or even the Clown Prince of Crime can become the Batman and the Joker, respectively.

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However, DC Comics have more superheroes beyond the staple Bat-Family and the Justice League. In fact, DC fans might argue that a lot of heroes (and even villains) might fit Fortnite’s crazily-appealing aesthetic. If Epic Games could incorporate more costumes into Fortnite, just which heroes should those be?

10 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman - Fortnite DC Comics Skin Theories

Who better to enter Fortnite’s brutal battlefield than Diana of the Amazons, herself? Justice League’s Wonder Woman isn’t just part of DC Comics’ Trinity, she’s quite a powerful superhero in her own right. Aside from her superhuman physiology, Wonder Woman possesses training in various weapons and martial arts, making her just as deadly a warrior without her powers.

In Fortnite, Wonder Woman could wear her signature Amazonian armor – complete with her tiara and cuffs. In fact, Epic Games can feature her iconic armor or even wear her New 52 suit, which features jeans that give her a more civilian appearance.

9 Green Arrow

Green Arrow - Fortnite DC Comics Skin Theories

Just because Fortnite is all about guns doesn’t mean guns rule in terms of ranged weapons. The Justice League’s Green Arrow has an impressive 29-arrows-per-minute record, enabling him to strike down foes before they even attack. And even then, Oliver Queen has great martial arts and acrobatics prowess to dodge even the swiftest strikes. As a plus, the Green Arrow can shoot a gun as well as he shoots his arrows – it’s just that a bow is his favored weapon of choice.

In Fortnite, the Green Arrow can sport his signature blonde mustache and goatee, alongside his green-themed suit. A hood would definitely give Green Arrow’s costume an air of mystery, while a quiver of arrows would fit nicely on his back.

8 Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor - Fortnite DC Comics Skin Theories

Superhero icons with power suits don’t always have to be sleek like Iron Man. Sometimes, bulkier suits make for a more memorable appearance. In the case of Lex Luthor, Superman’s nemesis can enter the battlefield with both his wits and his powered warsuit. However, outside battle, Lex Luthor has one of the best minds of his generation – perhaps rivaling even Batman himself. However, unlike the Caped Crusader, Lex Luthor used his intellect to further his means – even becoming a politician and successful entrepreneur.

In Fortnite, Lex Luthor can partake the Battle Royale wearing his signature green-and-purple warsuit. However, unlike the sleeker modern variations of his armor, Lex Luthor may wear his more iconic bulky suit to declare dominance on the battlefield.

7 Deathstroke

Deathstroke - Fortnite DC Comics Skin Theories

Of all of DC’s supervillains, it’s Deathstroke that’s perhaps one of the deadliest. Despite his lack of superpowers, it’s his remarkable skill in assassination work that earned him the title of being the world’s best – and most expensive – mercenary. Moreover, a special military enhancement procedure further improved his intellect, strength, and reflexes, enabling him to go toe-to-toe even against superpowered foes. It doesn’t help that he also possesses one of the greatest analytical minds of all time, perhaps rivaling Batman’s in terms of strategy.

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Deathstroke in Fortnite would fit the game’s crazy aesthetic perfectly. His iconic orange-and-blue suit would help him fit Fortnite’s rather bright costumes and looks. However, it’s his stern look behind his orange-and-blue mask that strikes fear within the hearts of his foes.

6 Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond - Fortnite DC Comics Skin Theories

In Neo-Gotham’s cyberpunk setting, Batman needs to level up his game. Unfortunately for the Caped Crusader, his advanced age meant he can’t exactly fight crime as he did in his prime. However, the presence of Terry McGinnis allowed Bruce to pass on his title as Batman to a younger generation. In turn, Terry transforms into Batman Beyond – a more advanced and stylish version of the Dark Knight. Moreover, aside from his physical and mental training, Terry also possesses a new Batsuit – a technologically-advanced version of Batman’s suit that gives Terry a wide assortment of gadgets and knick-knacks.

In Fortnite, Terry’s slick Batsuit fits the game’s aesthetic. For instance, Terry’s all-black Batsuit with red highlights will definitely help players stand out and look more awesome compared to their opponents.

5 Booster Gold

Booster Gold - Fortnite DC Comics Skin Theories

In the future, superheroes become celebrities – and Booster Gold wants to grab the spotlight. Despite his status as comic relief in most of his appearances, Booster Gold only has the best intentions in mind. Thanks to his power suit, Booster Gold possesses superhuman strength and durability, a limited range of energy projection, as well as enhanced senses.

However, perhaps more interesting would be his fashionable suit – something quite fitting with Fortnite’s setting. Unlike other superheroes, Booster Gold wears a flashy blue-and-gold tracksuit alongside his signature golden visor. In turn, Booster Gold has this attention-grabbing but otherwise not-too-distracting outfit that will help him fit right in the Battle Royale game.

4 Red Hood

Red Hood - Fortnite DC Comics Skin Theories

When the Joker kidnapped and murdered Jason Todd, the Clown Prince of Crime may have removed Batman’s second Robin. However, what rose from the ashes was a deadlier (and edgier) antihero. Now known as Red Hood, Jason Todd wears his iconic red helm as he inflicted justice on his opponents in the form of bullets. Completely breaking off Batman’s code, Red Hood shows no mercy when fighting his enemies. Likewise, he’s easily become one of the deadliest people ever to grace Gotham City.

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In Fortnite, the Red Hood’s signature outfit would definitely become a stunner. Aside from his red helmet, the Red Hood would likely wear his leather jacket on top of his plated bodysuit, all strapped with various guns and accessories.

3 Cyborg

Cyborg - Fortnite DC Comics Skin Theories

When Victor Stone suffered an accident that almost claimed his life, his father had his body merged with an ancient Mother Box. In turn, Victor found himself capable of interfacing with technology and tapping into unimaginable futuristic tech. Now known as Cyborg, Victor defends mankind from various threats thanks to the Mother Box’s abilities. He’s able to transform parts of his body into high-tech weaponry and assist the Justice League.

In Fortnite, Cyborg can wear various iterations of his signature silver bodysuit. Thanks to Fortnite’s unique aesthetics, a Cyborg costume might have a bulky armor feel, or perhaps even a sleek suit-like appearance.

2 Batwoman

Batwoman - Fortnite DC Comics Skin Theories

Fans of Batman would fondly remember Katherine Kane – a socialite by day that transforms into a vigilante by night, much like Bruce Wayne. However, unlike Bruce, Katherine Kane’s Batwoman seems to be more lethal compared to the Caped Crusader. After all, Katherine Kane’s military background made her extremely familiar with firearms, military protocol, and even various gadgets. In fact, despite her rocky start with Batman, she demonstrated more than enough skills to earn a spot in Batman’s Bat-Family.

In Fortnite, Batwoman can sport her stylish and iconic suit. Unlike Batman, Batwoman has recognizable red hair and red details on her black suit. Moreover, her white makeup and red lips, alongside the red Bat Symbol, make her an extremely imposing figure on the battlefield.

1 Deadshot

Deadshot - Fortnite DC Comics Skin Theories

Harley Quinn would likely find herself familiar with Floyd Lawton – or Deadshot, as most of the superheroes and supervillains in DC Comics would call him. Unlike other superpowered entities in the comics universe, Deadshot has his uncanny aim and set of gadgets to rely on in order to get the job done. After all, Deadshot made himself known in the criminal underworld for his almost-superhuman marksmanship and weapons mastery. In turn, it’s this skill set that made him one of the most prominent members of the Suicide Squad.

In Fortnite, Deadshot could wear his iconic red jumpsuit with white armor plating. As in the comics, the design for his red-and-white outfit may vary according to his “tactical” needs. However, always present would be the red eye on his mask, as well as a ginormous weapon to accompany him.

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