Fortnite 14.40 update is just around the corner and the players seem extremely excited for its release. Currently, they want to know a lot of additions that will be brought in with this update. These details are usually leaked by popular gamers who are known to leak Fortnite data online. Read more to know about Fortnite 14.40 update. 

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About Fortnite 14.40 Update

Fortnite 14.40 update release is just around the corner and the players can’t seem to wait for this. This update will bring Fortnite’s annual event called, Fortnitemares. This is a popular game mode that is always introduced by Fortnite on account of Halloween. The players get to use a number of new skins as well as weapons with this update. But currently, there are not proper leaks for the same. This is because the makers have not yet added Fortnitemares files to the game. This was the main reason for data leaks in Fortnite. So all we have to do is wait for the Fortnite 14.40 update to be released. 

More Fortnite leaks 

ShiinaBR is popular for giving some of the most popular Fortnite releases of this time. Her recent leak about the upcoming Marvel character to the game has been dominating the social media. The Tweet read, “Blade (a marvel character) will come to the game very soon:- “Daywalker”, “Sniped an opponent as Blade.” Similarly, another Tweet about the new Battle bus upgrade has been retweeted by the Fortnite fans on social media. A picture of the battle bus was also uploaded by the data miner. ShiinaBR’s Youtube has also featured a video that shows all the new Marvel costumes that have been introduced in the new Season 4 update of Fortnite. The miner has also released all the new emotes that are being added in the Season 4 of Fortnite update.

When is Galactus coming to Fortnite?

A number of Fortnite players have been asking, when is Galactus coming to Fortnite? This came up after a teaser was revealed through the Marvel and Fortnite comic book. In the book, the arrival of Galactus has brought an end to Season 4 of the game. Fortnite Season 4 is going to end on November 30, so the fans can expect to see Galactus in Fortnite before that. Another easer that gained a lot of attention was a popular data miner’s leak about Galactus. There is also a possibility that a Galactus skin could be available in Fortnite item shop. 

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