Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer are nearly here and we’ll be getting new content everyday!

Fortnite and Epic Games has consistently given us some amazing content throughout the last few years.

This is mainly through Fortnite‘s Seasonal system. Where we get new cosmetic and gameplay changes every few months.

However, 14 Days of Summer give Fortnite a quick refresh by bringing back some awesome items from Fortnite‘s past.

Here, we’ll go over a few of the expected weapons and items to be returning over this period.


Tactical SMG

The Tactical SMG was a large part of Fortnite‘s release and has returned once or twice in the last few years.

BLAST FROM THE PAST – This SMG would give everyone some much needed nostalgia!

This high fire-rate weapon allows players to shred at close range. The player base seems to be largely torn on the balancing of this weapon, as it does have very high DPS.

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Either way, we are very likely to see the tactical SMG return this Summer.

Heavy Shotgun

The Heavy Shotgun has been in Fortnite quite a lot, but unfortunately, it hasn’t made an appearance in Season 3.

Heavy ShotgunHeavy ShotgunCLOSE QUARTERS – This close quarters shotgun allows you to dominate the battlefield!

This Shotgun is fairly balanced, as it provides more damage at a slightly longer range.

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We’ll probably see this weapon return in the Summer event possibly with the return of the Tactical Shotgun.

Light Machine Gun

The Light Machine Gun originally appeared in Fortnite over two years ago!

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This made offensive and aggressive plays incredibly fun but defending in your builds very difficult.

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Although most players wouldn’t find this weapon enjoyable, it would be nice to see it return one more time for those hyper-aggressive plays.


Storm Flip

Epic Games added the Storm Flip item to allow players to hide in the storm without taking damage.

RUN FROM THE STORM – Stay away from the Storm in Fortnite, especially later in the game!

This controversial item made late-game scenarios very hard to navigate without taking damage.

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The return of the storm flip item would be very interesting and would make players change up the way they move and attack the final zones.

Double Barrel Shotgun

Finally, we think the Double Barrel Shotgun will be returning in 14 Days of Summer.

Charge ShotgunCharge ShotgunNEW SHOTGUN – This new shotgun packs a punch at close range, but you’ll need timing and precision to land the shot.

This was a large part of Fortnite‘s Meta during Chapter 1 but was removed for balancing reasons.

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We hope this Shotgun can make a return during summer, to compete with the brand new Charge Shotgun, added in Season 3.