Epic Games has rolled out a new Fortnite 2.88 patch update to address some minor issues that were recently encountered in the game. The new Fortnite update isn’t much bigger in size as it does not add any new content, items or game modes to the battle royale. The latest patch notes feature a visual fix for the game’s Party Royale to set things up for the Fortnite BTS Dynamite music video premiere and ensure that it goes smoothly.

The new patch update also enables NVIDIA Reflex for Fortnite players on Windows PC platform which will certainly help prevent unwanted lags. So, let’s take a look at everything that is coming with the new Fortnite 2.88 update.

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Fortnite patch notes 2.88

This latest Fortnite patch includes a Party Royale visual fix, re-enables the HUD Scale option that went missing on console and Windows PC, and enables NVIDIA Reflex for available PC drivers.

The new Fortnite update 2.88 is live and it can be downloaded on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android platforms.

The latest Fortnite 2.88 update addresses a number of minor issues that are sure to improve the gameplay experience for users. However, the gaming company is also looking into a bunch of other issues that have been persistent in the battle royale game for quite some time now.

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How to download Fortnite 2.88 update?

Before downloading the new Fortnite update 2.88, make sure that you have sufficient disk space on your PC or gaming console. The update will require you to have around 1,4 GB which may vary depending on the platform. In most cases, the new Fortnite updates are automatically downloaded on your PC or gaming consoles. If not, you can manually download the update.

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For PC, you simply need to head over to the ‘Settings’ tab near the Fortnite launcher and tap ‘Verify’ to download the update.

If you are on PlayStation 4, you need to select the ‘Options’ button on your controller after hovering over to Fortnite from the game library. Next, click on ‘Check for Update’ to manually check for an update.

As for Xbox One users, select Fortnite from ‘My games & apps’ and click on ‘Manage games’. Now, scroll down to updates and tap the ‘Update’ button.

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Image credits: Epic Games