Each week, Fortnite gives new challenges, so here are the different challenges to complete this week and how to go about them.

Each week, Fortnite gives players several new challenges to complete. This could be something as simple as a scavenger hunt or a specific mechanic, like detecting players as a Shadow.

This week, several of the Fortnite challenges revolve around the area called Upstate New York. This area is raised high above the rest of the map like the floating island in Final Fantasy 3. It consists of Stark Industries and its beautiful back yard, dotted with water and autumn trees. Here are the different challenges to complete this week in Fortnite and how to go about them.

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Chests in Upstate New York

The first challenge involves a bit of a scavenger hunt. Players must make their way to Upstate New York and find seven chests, though they could be anywhere in Upstate, even Tony’s secret laboratory.

Eliminations at Lazy Lake

Next, players must score three eliminations at Lazy Lake. It’s not specified how these eliminations have to happen, so go wild. Presumably, players can even score these while transformed into a Shadow.

Metal from Slurpy Swamp

The next challenge requires players to collect 200 metal from Slurpy Swamp, which is easy because the factory in Slurpy Swamp is enormous and full of destructible metal structures.

Catch Fish at Heart Lake

Now it’s back up to Upstate New York once more. as players must make their way to Heart Lake, the largest lake in Upstate New York. Once there, they much catch five fish. To do so, smash the barrel of fishing rods at the lakehouse and pick one up. Fling the line out to where the fish are visible in blue beneath the water and be patient. Soon players will have easily enough fish to do with as they please.

Eliminate Opponents Using Vehicles

This one is a bit more specific, but can be done just about anywhere. Players must score three eliminations by hitting players with vehicles. To be clear, only the final blow must be delivered with a vehicle. It’s not specified whether or not using a possessed vehicle counts, but to be on the safe side, players may want to do the deed while a human and not a Shadow.

Sail from Fortilla to The Ruins in Under Four Minutes

This one is perhaps the trickiest, as players will have to be quick once they’ve started it. Players must sail a boat from the Fortilla to The Ruins in under four minutes. The Fortilla and its Vault may not be the focus of the map anymore, but it’s not difficult to find. Grab a boat and then go.

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