Fortnite AS Roma CupFortnite AS Roma Cup | Photo Courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite AS Roma Cup starts Jan. 21 from 12:00 pm. to 2:00 p.m. The region of the tournament is Europe. You have the opportunity to represent the Giallorossi in this Fortnite tournament. In this timeframe, you have three hours to showcase your abilities in this brand new competition.

In this competition, players across all platforms are welcome. Playstation, Xbox, Switch, Mobile, or PC are all able to play in this tournament. With over 76,000 players already registered to compete in this tournament, it will be a strong test of skill to see if you can be the best.

One of the most feared Hunters of all time arrives on the Island.

Battle Pass owners, complete the Jungle Hunter Quests to unlock the Predator.

Read more about this deadly Hunter here:

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) January 21, 2021

Scoring in this tournament is quite standard. Distributing points with the following system.

Each Elimination= +1 Point

Victory Royale +5 Points
Top 2 +2 points
Top 3 +3 points
Top 5 +2 points
Top 10 +1 point
Top 15 +1 point
Top 20 +1 point
Top 25 +1 point
Top 30 +1 point
Top 35 +1 point
Top 40 +1 point
Top 45 +1 point
Top 50 +1 point
Top 75 +1 point

There are many other similar tournaments for other prominent football clubs like Manchester City, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Atlanta United, Los Angeles FC, and more. All of these tournaments play under the same format and happen on Jan 21. Be sure to sign up and see how you compare to those who are also fans of your favorite football club. Fortnite also has a complete set of rules for you to look at if you are curious as well.