Fortnite Battle Royale Season 3 is officially here and the entire community has erupted into a mixture of views. Almost every popular streamer out there have taken to Twitter with their opinion. While some love the new changes, map, and guns added to the game, others are not impressed. Some have also started raising about the controller vs keyboard and mouse debate.

Recently, the Doomsday event revealed only bits and pieces of whatever that was going to come. Regardless, this new season came both as a shock and a surprise. For any game to achieve such a diverse range of opinions is a big deal in and of itself. Epic Games seems to have worked a lot behind this, which explains the gap between season 2 and season 3.

Nevertheless, the promise of an entirely new gaming experience, with unique game dynamics that affect builds and fights, is kept and delivered.

Players express their varied opinions about Fortnite Season 3

When you see streamers like Ninja posting, “Have not felt this way about Fortnite for a while,” it automatically makes you wonder whether it’s good or bad. The new shotgun added to the game completely changes the dynamics of it.

Have not felt this way about Fortnite in awhile.

New shotgun adds an entirely different mechanic to fights/build fights since you can charge it. Much more healing items everywhere. Hunting rifle back?! ERRRMAGERd

— Ninja (@Ninja) June 17, 2020

On the contrary, you see players like Scoped tweeting “Another dogshit season.”

Another dogshit fkn season😤

— Scoped‏ (@Scopedlol) June 17, 2020

The new shotgun sure has attracted a lot of hate already.

Love the new season, only thing is, do we need to even carry shotguns anymore?

— FaZe Replays (@Replays) June 17, 2020

just got off, shotguns are dogshit, shockwave launcher, game is ruined ggs

— Zayt (@zayt) June 17, 2020

I present to you…

The most USELESS gun in Fortnite history.

— Aydan (@aydan) June 17, 2020

Grey pump hits for 180 fully charged

— Ninja (@Ninja) June 17, 2020

Wtf is this map

— Bizzle (@FaZeBizzle) June 17, 2020

quitting Fortnite till chapter 3 💯

— shah 🌟 (@shahh) June 17, 2020

So, the varied range of polarized opinions is perhaps a good sign. Epic has indeed delivered on the “different-form-of-gaming-experience.”

Hypex on the other hand tweeted that, “We can now drive cars in Fortnite.” Clearly, vehicles were one of the things the community wanted for a while.

We can now drive cars in Fortnite!

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) June 17, 2020

They even added Sharks and we already know that Aquaman is going to come soon. “The island has flooded and there are new areas to explore” – another aspect Epic delivered upon was the new map.

New game dynamics in Fortnite Battle Royale

With the inclusion of new weapons, new areas, and new vehicles, we wonder what the new meta would be? The shotgun seems to be at the center of controversy, a large section of the community is not a fan. Epic might do something about that soon enough.

However, the real cheery on the top is the new dynamics of Fortnite Battle Royale. This will obviously take some practice. Epic has also shown that they care a lot about community response, thus the inclusion of cars and sharks. All in all, this season seems to have delivered what it promised, what are your thoughts about it?