Fortnite’s Battle Royale game mode continues to dominate and can be intimidating for first time players. Here’s a guide to help beginners step into Fortnite’s Battle Royale Island. The massively popular battle royal giant, Fornite combines third-person shooter gameplay with Minecraft level building. 100 players step onto the island from the battle bus and take each other down, 1 by 1 until a winner is crowned. There’s plenty to learn to grow from a starter to an advanced player. This guide will teach players the basics of Fortnite.

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Fortnite has been broken into different seasons, where the island will change slightly between each season. Each season also brought new weapons, new methods of transportation, and new skins for players to spend their hard-earned V-bucks on. At the conclusion of Season 10, a black hole took down the servers of the game. No player was allowed to log in, instead, players were greeted with an ominous image of a black hole. The black hole completely destroyed the battle royale island and replaced it with a brand new island. This introduced players to Fortnite Chapter 2. Chapter 2 on top of creating a new island to explore, added new gameplay features like fishing and swimming. This guide will help players make there way through this new island and how to survive as long as players can.

Collecting Materials For Building In Fortnite For Beginners

Fortnite Collect Materials

When players begin a game, the only weapon the player owns is a pickaxe. Guns and other helpful items are scattered around the island in houses, buildings, and the occasional treasure chest. With this pickaxe, players can attack almost any surface to collect materials. There are three different types of materials, each with their own benefits and cons, Wood, Stone, and Metal. Wood is the most common to find, collected by hitting trees or fences. This is also the weakest of the materials. Stone can be found by hitting building walls or concrete. This is the medium strength of the three. Lastly, Metal is collected by hitting beams or cars and is the strongest.  These materials are useful for Fortnite’s unique battle royal mechanic, the building. Building allows players to reach higher areas on the map and get up fortresses for defensive play. Make learning building a priority in Fortnite is it could be the difference between a victory or defeat.

The Rarity of Weapons In Fortnite For Beginners

Fortnite Weapons

When exploring the battle royal island, players will stumble across different types of weapons. From automated assault rifles to pistols, each of these weapons will be assigned a specific color. Each color represents how rare the item is. The rarer the gun, the better the stats will be. Rarer items will produce more damage. Here’s a breakdown of the weapon rarity colors from worst to best. Gray, Green, Blue, Purple, and Orange is the rarest and powerful. Weapons like machine guns are better for long-range play while shotguns do the most damage when in close range. When on the island, players will find a weapons upgrade bench. Using the materials players have collected, they can upgrade their weapons to a higher rarity. The game itself will tell players the required materials on the workbench.

Properly Defending, Healing, and Exploding in Fortnite for Beginners

Fortnite Healing Drink

Aside from just weapons, several other items can be found on the battle royale island. The player has two different types of health bars on their HUD. One is green, for their physical health, the other is blue for their shields. Players can get more health by using bandages (each which heals 15 hp), a medkit (heals 100), and apples (located on the ground around trees and heals 5). To generate shields, players can find Small Shield Potions (Restores 25 shields), Shield Potions (Restores 50 shields), and Mushrooms (located on the ground and restores 5 shields). Fishing is another mechanic that allows players to heal HP and Shields.

Motor Boat Vehicle Guide in Fortnite For Beginners

Fortnite Boat Rocket

In previous seasons of Fortnite, new vehicles for introduced to the gameplay. All-Terrain Golf Karts and a Biplane to Shopping Carts. Each of these items was filtered in and out between each season. In Fortnite Chapter 2, the only vehicle that is currently available in a motorboat. This chapter is seeming to focus a lot on water gameplay with swimming, fishing, and now boating being introduced. Rivers run through almost every major area on the map, so using a boat to get around faster is ideal. There’s a total of 23 motorboat locations on the map. The boats themselves have 800 health, so be careful when other players are making an attempt to bring it down. There are even extra minigames players can do on these motorboats. While traversing the waters, search around for flaming rings. Going into these flaming rings will trigger a minigame where the player must go through these as fast as possible. Winning this challenge will give the player XP.

Calibrating Your Settings in Fortnite For Beginners

Fortnite Video Settings

Most competitive shooters allow players to customize the various in-game setting to make it easier for players to customize their experience. No matter what system the players are enjoying Fortnite on, it’s very important to prioritize hearing the game. Having the in-game volume is essential for the improvement in this game. With in-game sound, players can hear a magical, glowing sound that triggers when there’s a chest nearby. Players can also hear the footsteps of enemy players. The louder the footprints, the closer the enemies are. It’s also helpful to be able to hear nearby gunshots since the game runs on stereo sound. This makes it easier to locate where the gunshots are coming from. The player then can decide if they plan to engage or escape. It’s understandable if players are unable to have the in-game sound on due to outside-of-game reasons but hearing these sounds are important for playing the game with maximum awareness.

Fortnite took the world by storm when the battle royal mode was introduced. The game still maintains a top game spot on and continues to dominate in sales with its in-game cosmetics. The game mode is also free, making it easy for new players to take the plunge. Even with competition in the Battle Royale genre with Respawn Entertainments Apex Legends, and the PUBG Corporation’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite remains the king of battle royale. Fortnite is a game that may seem intimidating but is an excellent introduction to the Battle Royal genre.

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Fortnite is available now on PC, Mac, Xbox One, Playstation 4, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

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