It’s that time of year again: when Fortnite birthday challenges appear and everyone looks for Fortnite birthday cake locations to eat, and dance in front of, in order to win rewards, wraps and emotes. If you want to know where and what is going on, then here’s everything we know about this year’s Fortnite birthday challenges.

Fortnite Birthday challenges

The information so far, via Fortnite datamining has identified these four key Fortnite challenges for the third birthday celebrations: 

Play matches (10)Dance in front of different Birthday Cakes (10)Outlast Opponents (500)Gain health or shield from Birthday Cake (50)

This list of Fortnite birthday challenges is also doing the rounds which looks bigger but also like it includes tasks and rewards from previous birthdays if you didn’t get them before. Either way expect to play matches and eat cake as a main activity.  

ICYMI: Here’s an early look at Fortnites 3rd birthday challenges also! 25, 2020

It looks like, as with previous years, each challenge comes with its own reward, with one final big prize at the end for completing all the required tasks in total. The main thing is that these challenges are easy to the point of not really needing any effort to complete. It’s a celebration after all so the focus is more on showing up, playing Fortnite and having fun. The rewards are more about having a souvenir than proving anything about your playing ability. So just enjoy yourself and you’ll be literally covered in cake before you know it. 

Fortnite birthday Challenge rewards

In terms of Fortnite birthday challenge rewards you’re looking at this little selection. The big win is obviously the giant cake back bling but there are also sprays, wraps and more. 

Fortnite 3rd birthday is tomorrow!That means new birthday🥳challenges and rewards, tomorrow we’ll see the 3rd Fortnite birthday challenges which will include these following rewards:- Cake! Backbling- Cakey Wrap- Cupcake! Emoticon – The Big Three Spray#FortniteBirthday 25, 2020

These’s also a ‘Take the Cake’ emote so you can always remind people you were there for Fortnite’s third birthday and an emoji you can slap about the place. 

We will be given a free Emote for Fortnites Third Birthday.The emote is “Take The Cake” 23, 2020

Fortnite birthday cake locations 

(Image credit: Epic)

Okay, year 1 Fortnite birthday cakes for reference in the picture up there, but it’s the same deal every year. There will be tables with cakes on, and slices you can eat for a health and shield boost scattered around most of the named locations on the map. Sometimes on the outskirts, sometimes in the center. Basically if you’re having trouble finding the Fortnite birthday cake locations drop in or head to the nearest named place on the map and you’ll find some spread out nearby.