Bots have special powers in Fortnite, including teleportation.

It seems like the prevalence of bots in Fortnite matches has gone down since Chapter 2 first came out. There used to be a few bots in every game, but now they seem to be relegated to the lower-MMR matches.

We all encounter a bot every now and then, however. The telltale signs include a single wall and a player running towards you while shooting. They’re not difficult to kill, by any means.

Bots remain an enigma, however. They pop-up all over the map, seemingly out of nowhere. You can fight a fully-looted bot at the beginning of the game even though no one landed with you and all of the chests are unopened.

Mere mortals can’t comprehend how these Fortnite bots do what they do. Fortunately, one player got a peek behind the curtain after dying to a bot.

It’s not common that players die to bots in Fortnite, unless they’re overwhelmed like the clip, above. Most of the time, the bots won’t finish you, giving you a second chance to eliminate them.

According to this clip, bots and Fortnite can teleport when they get stuck. This might explain why so many of them pop up, unexpectedly.

If bots can teleport in Fortnite, does that mean that they’re constantly teleporting to more populated areas? This would make sense, as it seems like bots have the ability to spawn with weapons and appear out of thin air.

It’s unclear whether or not this is a bug or an intended mechanic on Epic’s part. We’ll need to see a few more clips before we can confirm.