The Fortnite community has been reinventing how they combine items like the Bouncer and Launch Pad for insanely powerful rotations, escapes or the like.

Players routinely find new ways to change up the Fortnite meta, whether it’s with select weapons or emerging methods to outwit their opponents. People who prioritize faster movement mechanics, however, implement everything in the game to uncover swift ways of getting around the Fortnite island.

But sometimes these experimental techniques can be hard to execute on a dime, especially when being pressured by incoming attackers. Luckily, Reddit user ‘Positive_Unit’ showed how to get higher launches with the Bouncer as simple as possible.

Getting a little creative with the Bouncer and Launch Pad can yield huge results. Credit: Epic Games

In their demonstration, the player was able to achieve incredible altitudes by building up momentum with the Bounce Pad before setting foot on the Launch Pad.

They were able to chain multiple Bounce Pad activations before launching up by placing a dome over a Launch Pad. This allowed them to get a ton of speed before finally editing the dome away and onto the Launch Pad.

Empowered with the speed from the Bouncer, they’re launch took them way higher than the actual Meteor hovering above the map.

At the apex of their launch, they even had enough lift to glide a few POIs away from the initial leap.

How to easily launch pad higher using the Bouncer without messing up + bonus Meteor clip from r/FortniteCompetitive

Getting that much air from a 1×1 enclosure could be really helpful. With a bit of practice, even if a whole squad is closing in on your position, setting up this launch could be all that’s needed to get out of a dodgy situation.

Though there were some players who were concerned that the technique might waste too much time if needed in a pinch. But Positive_Unit showed the express method at the end of the clip.

“I did it significantly slower compared to in-game scenarios for video purposes,” the user said in reply to concerns about how long it takes to set up the trick. “The fastest way is one wall with bouncer, one floor with pad, and one pyramid to stand on and break. This can be done MUCH quicker with minimal error.”

The Bounce Pad technique could be a game-changer for Fortnite players looking to get away from incoming opponents or even if trying to get a good rotation while escaping the storm.