A bug in Fortnite is leaving players in an awkward spot seeing as it leaves them knocked, even when they don’t have a teammate to revive them.

Epic Games have revitalized their battle royale with the launch of Chapter 2, adding in new mechanics, items and more, in order to breathe fresh life into the popular shooter.

Of course, the game isn’t without some problems as strange bugs can still be found throughout the Fortnite island. Even with the regular patches that Epic Games delivers on a consistent basis, players can’t help but encounter these unintended glitches.

Not a chance of getting back up

In a Reddit post, user ‘CallMeReckful’ shared a clip showing them in a heated firefight in the waning moments of their game. With less than 10 opposing players left, the situation was looking dire as their whole team was already eliminated.

I got knocked when I was the last man alive in my squad. (I don’t know how that happened) from r/FortNiteBR

But caught outside of the zone, the player’s life was rapidly depleting as was their chance of winning out in the tight contest. 

Sure enough, they eventually succumbed to the zone but were surprised to see that the game didn’t eliminate them. Instead, they were knocked down, even though there were no teammates left in the game.

Confused and without a hope of crawling to the shrinking zone, the player just stayed there until they were eventually wiped out by the storm with their team ending in fourth place. 

In this case, the bug didn’t hinder the player’s game since it seems like they were due to be eliminated either way. But it would still be a strange spot for a player to find themselves in.

Without a teammate in sight, there was no one to pick up the Fortnite player after getting taken down by the storm. Credit: Epic Games

While there was a ton of confusion leading up to the bug, it seems like there might be an explanation that has to do with a disconnected teammate.

“If a squad member leaves the game, the remaining members will get knocked including the last one alive,” user ‘Gr8Kev420’ said. “This happened a couple of times to me in the last few days.”

It’s not hard to see why this bug would cause a ton of confusion among Fortnite players, so it should be a glitch the Epic Games devs look to patch up soon.