Fortnite players are noticing that the game is issuing account ban warnings for using a built-in feature pertaining to Solo games in the battle royale.

Epic Games have always been adamant about keeping cheaters and the like off of Fortnite’s servers. Even well-known streamers/pros like FaZe Jarvis have been permanently banned for flirting with methods that promote cheats in-game.

But the tables have turned for a lot of players, seeing as multiple players are reporting that they have been issued an account warning for spectating their friends throughout their Solo match games – even though it’s a readily accessible feature in Fortnite.

Account ban warnings bugged in Fortnite?

Reddit user ‘bench150kg’ posted a “behavior warning” they reportedly received from the Fortnite servers after opting into watching their friend play out a Solo game.

The ‘spectate game in progress’ feature is falsely warning/banning players. Help bring this to Epic’s attention. from r/FortNiteBR

The warning issues is as follows: “Due to your recent actions you have been warned for: Teaming. Please refrain from repeating offenses or you may receive an account ban.”

The bug targeted the user who says they have never “teamed” before, making it hard to figure out why they would be the ones to get this advisory.

“I have never teamed, my friends have never teamed, other people who are also reporting this to be happening to them have never teamed,” they said. “This is currently a major bug that occurs if you choose to spectate a friend who is playing a solo game in progress, which obviously makes no sense as this is the intention of this feature.”

For those unaware, “teaming” is the act of cooperating with another player inside a match without being a part of the same in-game party. This is a strict violation in a lot of online games since it presents a major unintended disadvantage for the rest of the players in a match.

Even though players aren’t teaming, spectating in Solos could falsely alert Fortnite’s system of a possible cheater. Credit: Epic Games

While some believe that the user got the warning by picking up a knocked enemy, others chimed in to say that they went through the same predicament as bench150kg.

“It’s not that, the exact same thing occurred to my friend and I,” user ‘iG8’ said. “We’d been playing all season and the day after we discovered that you could spectate each other playing solo we received a warning.”

At the time of writing, there has yet to be a confirmed ban in relation to the bug, so hopefully Epic patches out the advisory before it heavily affects someone’s Fortnite account.