We’ve entered the second week of Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer. Throughout the event, developer Epic Games will be rolling out a new limited-time mode and unvaulting an old weapon for 24 hours each day. That’s not all; there will also be a new daily challenge to complete, and if you manage to clear it, you’ll snag an exclusive new reward.

We’re now in day eight of the 14 Days of Summer event, which means there are eight challenges to complete thus far, with six more still to come. Despite the event’s name, you’ll actually have until July 16 to complete the challenges, giving you plenty of time to finish everything. If you do manage to complete all 14 tasks before the event ends, you’ll unlock a special Smoothie back bling for your troubles. You can find the full list of all the available challenges below.

As previously mentioned, challenges aren’t the only thing you have to look forward to in the 14 Days of Summer event. Epic is also featuring a new LTM each day, and there will be new outfits and other items for purchase from Fortnite’s in-game shop. You can read more details about the event on the official Fortnite website.

Fortnite 14 Days Of Summer Challenges

Dance at different Beach Parties (6) — Deep End emoteBounce a giant Beach Ball in different matches (5) — Soak It Up loading screenEliminations with the daily unvaulted weapon or a Drum Gun (5) — Water Balloon toyThank the Bus Driver and finish top 20 in different matches (5) — Perfect Blend emoticonPop party balloon decorations (5) — Sunny spraySearch Unicorn Floaties at swimming holes (3) — Neon Tropics wrapHit a player with a Water Balloon in different matches (3) — Loading screenBounce off a giant beach umbrella in different matches (3) — BannerScore trick points with a Driftboard with the Neon Tropics applied to it (250K) — Surfstick spray

Dance At Different Beach Parties

Fittingly, most of the 14 Days of Summer challenges are summer-themed, and the first involves dancing at beach parties. You’ll need to boogie down at six of these beachside shindigs in total to complete the challenge, and they need to be different ones each time; you can’t simply return to the same location over and over. Fortunately, the beach parties are fairly easy to spot; the areas will be decked out with beach chairs, balloons, and other party favors. Once you’ve danced at all six, you’ll unlock the new Deep End dance emote, which has you doing Fortnite’s take on the famous “C’mon and Swim” dance.

Bounce A Giant Beach Ball

The second 14 Days of Summer challenge is to bounce a giant beach ball in five different matches. As was the case with the aforementioned beach parties, the beach balls are always located in specific areas of the map, so completing the challenge is simply a matter of knowing where to go. Once you’ve found a beach ball, all you need to do is make contact with it to progress; do that enough times and you’ll receive an uncommon rarity loading screen called Soak It Up. You can see the beach ball locations below:

On the border of D3/E3, south of The BlockWestern part of F6, southwest of Dusty DivotOn the border of H7/I7, northwest of Paradise Palms

Pop Five Party Balloon Decorations

The fifth 14 Days of Summer challenge is another potentially tricky one. This task asks you to pop five party balloon decorations. Fortunately, there are a ton of these scattered around the island, and you can find party balloons in many of the same locations as the beach parties from challenge #1, giving you a chance to kill two birds with one stone. Once you’ve spotted some party balloon decorations, hit them with your pickaxe or shoot them from afar with a gun to pop them. Pop five and you’ll get a spray called Sunny, which paints a cute sun when used.

Search Unicorn Floaties At Different Swimming Holes

Challenge #6 also sends you on a journey around the map, this time to search unicorn floaties at three different swimming holes. Like many of the previous 14 Days of Summer challenges, this is simply a matter of knowing where to look, so it shouldn’t pose any problem if you know where to go. There are at least eight different swimming holes around the island, but you only need to visit three to complete the challenge. Once you’ve reached one, find the floatie and you’ll see a “Search” prompt pop up when you approach it. Do this three times and you’ll get the Neon Tropics wrap. You can see the swimming hole locations we’ve found below:

Hot spring northwest of Lazy LagoonBeneath the dock in Lazy LagoonNear the northeastern shore of Loot LakeIn the body of water north of Lonely LodgeSmall pond in the northern side of Dusty DivotIn the swimming pool in Paradise PalmsIn the desert between Paradise Palms and Fatal FieldsIn the water at the southern end of Fatal Fields