A training simulation to the FNCS is organized this weekend in preparation for the beginning of the competition. It’s a tournament with no prize pool but a great opportunity for the best Duos players to warm up and try out new rotations.

FNCS Rules (simple version)

Here is an overview of a standard FNCS weekend. This training simulation (March 14-15) is a test and the following weeks of competition will be played on the same format if it turns out to be a success.

Weekly Qualifying Format

The weekly qualifiers consist of three rounds:

Round 1: all members of an eligible Duos team must rank in the Champion League within Arena. Players have three hours to play ten games. The 1000 best Duos advance to next round.
Round 2: Players have three hours to play ten games. The 50 best Duos advance to the next round.
Round 3: Players have three hours to play six games. The 20 best Duos are qualified for the Stage Group (during the real sessions, not during the training simulation).


After long weeks of waiting, the competition is making a comeback in Fortnite. The FNCS will begin on March 20.


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