Dr Disrespect has a long, complicated history with Fortnite. Given the game’s popularity, the streamer finds himself streaming it quite regularly, but he rarely enjoys his time doing it. Today, Fortnite Chapter 2 launched, revamping the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile battle royale game with a brand-new map, new guns, new skins, new gameplay features, and much more. As you would expect, Fortnite has been dominating the conversation in gaming today, with many streamers hopping into the battle royale game to ride the wave. And of course, Dr Disrespect returned to the title, but he still doesn’t seem very impressed.

Taking to Twitter, the streamer revealed that while he’s impressed with Chapter 2’s marketing so far, he still isn’t impressed with its actual design, suggesting the former is far more impressive than the latter.

Fortnite marketing > Fortnite design

— Dr Disrespect (@drdisrespect) October 15, 2019

Again, while the Two-Time isn’t very hot on the game still, he has been impressed with its marketing. And rightly so, it’s the best in the business. However, while the Doc is willing to admit the game’s marketing is top notch that doesn’t mean he’s very impressed with the game’s newest trailer that Epic Games released for Chapter 2. Recently, Dr Disrespect streamed his reaction to the trailer, which at first glance seems positive, until you realize it’s also drenched in sarcasm.

“He’s carrying a down guy… Fortnite 2 Battle Pass,” yelled the streamer, before watching the trailer a second time. “One more time! Come on! He’s on a — offshore boat racing mode! This is it! This is it, this is what we are all getting excited for. Yeah! It’s back! Fortnite 2 is going to save so many careers!”

At this point, the Doc began to sink in his chair, overcome with elation while watching the trailer one more time. Again, it’s obviously sarcasm. We’ll have to wait a little bit longer to get the streamer’s actual opinion on the new chapter of the battle royale game.

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