Fortnite has now released its second-ever chapter, a new era has finally arrived and it has received some of the most positive praise in recent Fortnite memories.

Social media has been nothing but love for Epic Games as it seems they have finally been able to get back to what built this game and why it took over the gaming world.

Along with the core mechanics that have made Fortnite a global phenomenon such as the building and the wonkiness of the Fortnite map, there has been a tradition every year that has drawn the player base in more than other events. Fortnitemares.

With Halloween right around the corner and many Fortnite players anticipating the announcement of Fortnitemares 2019, we’ll take you through everything we know so far.

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HYPEX has become one of the most famous Fortnite data miners for quite some time now, most recently during the infamous Fortnite Blackout event, his account gathered an additional 250,000 followers. It is safe to say whenever a leak is posted from their account it is trustworthy and probably true.

When Chapter 2 released this past week, HYPEX managed to uncover the release dates for all of the upcoming updates including the looming Fortnitemares event.

Revealed to be on October 29th, which is also the date patch V11.10 is suppose to release, it comes at perfect timing for Epic Games.

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More Information – SKINS!

Epic Games has not hinted at the return of fan-favorite skins such as Ghoul Trooper and Skull Ranger, but due to the clever Fortnite data miners, we already know what type of skins we can expect during the Fortnitemares 2019 event.

Some of these leaked skills are for sure to get fans wallets ready as they closely resemble some of the classic Fortnite skins fans have been waiting for two years now.

Famous Fortnite leaker @HYPEX has uncovered all of the present skin files within the code of the game. Although some of these may not be added or we may even see more here is the list as of now:

Skull Trooper Neon – MaleGangster Monster – MaleGhoul Trooper – MaleCuddle Team Dark – FemaleThe Dark One – MaleSlurp Creature – MaleWraith – FemalePale spooky – FemaleModern Witch – Female

Of course, the standout skin from this list is the Ghoul Trooper male version.

We are all well aware of the hype surrounding the female version, so maybe we will see the return of the female version along with the new male version in the item shop in the near future.