Overtime challenges have become a standard addition to each Battle Pass, and Fortnite Chapter 2 is no different. Here are the leaked challenges for Season 1.

Epic made Battle Pass progression a lot easier this season. Those who regularly play Fortnite and complete there challenges should be well over level 150 by now, leaving them little to do while they wait for Chapter 2 Season 2.

Epic has extended Season 1 into February 2020 but will be keeping us busy while we wait. We’ve already seen the leaked ‘Winterfest’ challenges that are coming to Fortnite and will have some Overtime challenges to complete as well.

Data miner @Lucas7Yoshi on Twitter was able to find the Overtime challenges, dubbed ‘Remedy vs. Toxin,’ in the v11.30 game files. Here’s what we can expect.

Via: Lucas7Yoshi

We don’t have the rewards for the challenges, yet, but we can make some assumptions based on the information we have and some of the leaked cosmetics in the v11.30 files.

Firstly, we know about the Remedy skin variant that has already been released. You can find it in your locker, waiting for the challenges to unlock it.

After that, we only have speculation. There are a couple of leaked skins that look like they could be included in the Overtime challenges, though.

Usually, Epic gives us three skin variants when they release a list of Overtime challenges. These are my two guesses for the other skins included, as they look to be styles of existing Battle Pass skins.

Via: Hypex

Via: Hypex

We’ll have to see if these or any other skins make it into the Overtime Challenges but should have plenty on our plate with the Winterfest and Star Wars events coming soon.

What are you most excited about? Overtime? Winterfest? A snow-covered map? Star Wars? Let us know in the comments.