It certainly looks like Deadpool will play a major role in Fortnite’s newest season.

What’s going on?

Fortnite launched its second season of its second chapter Thursday, revealing a new theme centered around spies, agents and a “takeover” of the island.
The new unlockable character skins include a new customizable character name Maya, Agent Peely, Brutus, TNTina, Meowscles, Skye and Midas, according to Forbes,
The new season asks players to choose to join either the Ghost or Shadow faction, which will change what they unlock after finishing various missions.

Is Deadpool in Fortnite?

Yes, it seems so. The second trailer for the new season — which shows off the unlockable characters of the Battle Pass — show Deadpool lounging around.
The new update makes it seem like Deadpool will appear as a secret skin that can be unlocked down the road, according to Engadget.
The main menu shows Deadpool might be hiding in a secret room. But there are challenges centered around the character that gamers will need to complete to unlock him, according to Forbes.

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