Fortnite chapter 2 is out now, with the update schedule for the next few patches along with the Fortnitemares release date getting leaked.

Fortnite chapter 2 has been out for almost a week now, with Battle Royale fans getting to try out the highly anticipated new map.

The Fortnite chapter 2 map includes plenty of new POIs while the new Battle Pass also brings with it the new hideouts feature and medal progression.

However, one thing that Fortnite fans did not get with the chapter 2 release date was patch notes for the new download.

But it looks like the first Fortnite chapter 2 patch notes will be released soon by Epic Games.

On Tuesday October 22 the first Fortnite chapter 2 post-launch update looks set to be released.

According to popular leaker HYPEX, that will be when Fortnite 11.01 content update will be released.

Following that the first full-fat patch, Fortnite 11.10, will be released on Tuesday October 29.

That update is set to bring with the latest Fortnitemares event.

Then following that Fortnite 11.10 content update 1 will be released on November 5 with content update 2 out on November 12.

The news was revealed by HYPEX who tweeted: “Next Scheduled updates dates! (~ means it’s that day or the next)

“v11.01 Content Update -> ~22nd, October. v11.10 -> ~29th, October.

“v11.10 Content Update #1 -> ~5th, November. v11.10 Content Update #2 -> ~12th, November.”

HYPEX later added: “Fortnitemares is on October 29, v11.10!”.

Another leaker, ShiinaBR, gave Fortnite fans an update on what they can expect to appear in the Item Shop ahead of the next patch.

The Fortnite leaker posted: “Since I still get A LOT of DMs because of this: I don’t think Ghoul Trooper will be in the Item Shop before Epic releases the next update.

“There still is an ID for a male Ghoul Trooper, but the skin isn’t in the files yet. So it wouldn’t make sense to release Ghoul Trooper now.”

Elsewhere it’s emerged that Fortnite players are encountering a bug that launches players out of a dumpster into the stratosphere.

The Fortnite bug has been dubbed the “dementor” with Fortnite players being launched into the orbit from the dumpster before crashing down to earth.

Epic Games has said on Reddit that the glitch has been raised and that a report on the issue has been filed.

It remains to be seen if the Fortnite bug gets fixed in the next content update or not.

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