The ‘Fortnite Community Battles’ kicked off a few days ago where many popular content creators were seen flocking to the battle royale to fight it out for the top spot. Fortnite players who are interested in the battles can still join their favourite Fortnite content creators in order to win one of the top three positions. The event began on July 17 and will run through July 27.

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Fortnite Community Battles – Participating Creators

The Fortnite Community Battles have a total of 30 content creators. Players will be able to choose any of these content creators and join their team to compete in the event. Here are all the content creators participating in the battle:

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Get free V-bucks in Fortnite

Once you have joined a team, you will need to complete all the in-game challenges that are part of the Fortnite Community event. Participating in these events will help both a player and their team members earn points as a reward. If a team earns enough points and manages to take one of the top three spots in the event, all the participating members in that team will win a few V-Bucks. The team that finishes in the first place will be rewarded with 500 V-bucks. The second and third place will earn 400 and 300 V-bucks respectively. The V-bucks will be credited to the player’s Fortnite accounts.

Fortnite V-bucks are the battle royale’s in-game currency which gamers can use to buy a number of cosmetics, emotes, gliders, battle passes and several other loot items in the game’s BR, Creative and Save the World modes.

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The ‘Fortnite Community Battles’ is centred around Fortnite content creators who are from parts of Latin and South America. Considering that the battle simply asks users to join a team and participate in the battle royale, almost anyone from the region can join the event and earn free rewards.

There has been an explosion in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking Fortnite community over the past couple of years, and there are a number of interesting and creative players that have emerged between Mexico and Argentina.

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